Our Style

At  STUDIO B and YOC,  all classes are for all levels.  The primary style of yoga we teach is a power vinyasa flow. In this style you connect breath to movement as you flow from one pose to the next, building heat and fluidity. These classes take place in a heated room which encourages sweating, detoxifies the body, and helps the muscles stretch deeper.  We emphasize the power of alignment, balance, and focus. We also offer other types of yoga for every practitioner including Yin, Gentle Flow, Kids Yoga and even Barre Classes (click here to view our class menu including class descriptions).

Our Mission


The B in STUDIO B stands for possibility. An Option B. The opportunity to B anything you want to B. We know that yoga has a long list of physical benefits, but we also know about the emotional and intellectual benefits as well. So at STUDIO B we teach the Warrior Poses and the Down Dogs, but we also teach showing up, living big, having faith, leaving space for possibility, and supporting each other in the process.

Our Core Values


Our Motto is Simple: Be good to people