Checking in From Bulgaria......

Megan Lough, STUDIO B TT graduate and teacher, is currently in Bulgaria on a Fulbright Scholarship teaching English, and yoga! Below she shares some thoughts on how yoga is helping her stay present and grounded while she is so far away from home. You can catch Megan when she's in town over the holidays for two classes before she heads back to finish out the school year:  B3 - Saturday December 23rd @ 9:15am in Annville & Vinyasa Flow - Tuesday December 26th @ 5:30pm in Annville. We are so proud of you, Megan!

From Megan:

A year and a half ago, I was sitting in the lobby of Studio B during a 50-hour teacher training. Brittany was leading us through some intention setting and we were discussing the power of attraction. We were told to think big and imagine what a perfect day would be ten years from now. Then we broke down our ten-year dream into specific things we want to accomplish and what we want our lives to look like and feel like. I wrote down that I wanted to be doing some sort of international education and I wanted to mentor young girls. I wanted to feel both grounded and a sense of adventure. Well, here I am, a year and a half later sitting in a communist style flat in a town in Northwest Bulgaria writing this blog post.


I am exactly where I want to be and fulfilling a dream of mine - but just because this is exactly what I want to be doing, doesn’t make it easy. In fact, this is the most difficult thing I have ever done. Every day I miss home, and sometimes I’m filled with self-doubt, anxiety, and fear. But then I remember to breathe. I remember not to run from these feelings. Now more than ever, the tools I’ve gained from yoga and teacher trainings are so important to me. Yoga has taught me the importance of being self-aware and staying in the moment. This experience of mine is only temporary, and I don’t want to wish it away when times get tough. I want to feel how this experience is changing me and making me a better person.



One of the most difficult things for me is feeling grounded and present during this experience. I know that I’m only here for ten months, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with the thought of my next step, of coming home and being with my friends and loved ones again. But I tell myself to take one day at a time. I allow myself to imagine my next step, but not get so occupied by the future that I forget to value the things that are right in front of me. I live in a beautiful town right in the middle of the mountains. Everyday I see hundreds of Bulgarian students that are (mostly) excited to see me. I get to learn about an incredibly rich culture and hear stories from locals. I get to try new foods, see new places, and I get to help students practice their English and reach their dreams.


One of my favorite things about my time here in Bulgaria is starting a yoga club at the school I’m teaching for.  Twice a week I meet with about ten high school aged girls. I walk them through about 40 minutes of a fun vinyasa flow, we break down different poses, we listen to music, we occasionally stop and have a quick dance party in between sequences, and we breathe and meditate. At the end of every class, I have each student silently think of one positive thing about themselves, and then we seal that with a cleansing breathe together. Last week, I accidently skipped over this part, and my students quickly reminded me and asked if we could go back and have this moment. There’s also something pretty amazing about seeing these girls sit in total peace for a few moments. I am constantly reminded that yoga really is for everybody - no matter what language you speak, what country you come from, or how old you are.


In a few short weeks, I’ll be coming home for Christmas. I am so excited to take a few yoga classes, be back at the studio, and see my family and friends and to stay present and in the moment. And then I’ll be back in Bulgaria doing the same thing here.