How To: Side Crow + Variations and Transitions

The focus pose for our current installment of B3 is Side Crow. Learn how to get into this pose and about it's many variations and transition possiblities.

The side crow is an arm balance that requires deep twist and total body engagement. This pose can be accessed from many different postures making it a fun transition pose. While it can be a challenging pose for many, there are a number of ways to prep for side crow. As with most other arm balances, alignment and technique play a larger role than strength, so if you think you aren't "strong" enough for this pose, think again.

Tips for Getting into Side Crow

  • Spread your fingers wide and engage through your hands, especially the mounds of the knuckles and the pads of the fingertips.
  • Don't let your shoulders dip lower than your elbows (think: chatarunga arms!)
  • Keep your core engaged and distribute your weight evenly throughout your whole body instead of dumbing into your wrists/arms.
  • When you are first learning this pose, start by lifting one foot off of the mat at a time, but avoid hopping/using momentum
  • Practice deepening your twists in poses like twisting crescent lunge and mountain climber prep (from 3 point, bringing your knee to your opposite elbow)

Video Tutorial: How to side crow

With the above tips in mind, check out this video for prepping for and getting into side crow.