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B3 is a system of yoga that's as easy as 1, 2, 3. Designed to enhance the overall yoga experience for students and teachers alike, every class within the B3 system is created with intention and purpose. Our core classes, B1, B2 and B3, allow for a clear and consistent experience, with just enough room for variety and possibility. The sequence within these 

Students: We understand the value of both consistency and variety. When you sign up for a B3 class, you will always get what you signed up for, with just enough space for possibility and exploration. Each class is designed with intention. Meaning, there is a lot of thought and attention put into each sequence intended to support flexibility, strength, balance and mobility. Every 6-8 weeks the sequences will change just enough to keep your body guessing while staying true to the overall purpose and experience.

Teachers: As teachers ourselves, it was important for us to create a supportive, continuing learning experience that we feel the industry is lacking. We heard from our teachers that they wanted to learn creative sequencing, new assisting techniques, and other skills without taking the deep dive into another expensive, overrated teacher training. We agree and set out to provide a solution, without 

Values:B3 yoga takes the Yamas and the Niyamas very seriously. There is a lot of weird shit that goes on in the yoga industry, and every industry for that matter, and we set out to be different. We have a zero tolerance policy for the following: cult behavior, the spewing of catchy yoga phrases that you yourself do not embody, ego-driven-treat-me-like-a-god-type "leadership", free labor, irresponsibility/excuses/stories,  teaching anything thats not based on fact. We want all of our teachers to provide a consistent experience to their students, but in away that supports your individual growth as a teacher and a person.

Yoga is a business and that's okay.

Yoga is a valuable system of and knowledge. As a yoga teacher, you are a valuable person providing valuable services. You deserve to be paid.


At STUDIO B, we teach a system of yoga developed by Brittany Holtz called Alt-B Yoga. Alt-B yoga was designed to increase and improve the following elements:

Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Mobility. 

Alt-B classes are tiered to accommodate various levels of experiences. The menu format was designed to be clear and consistent; It will be clear what type of class you are signing up for and your experience will be consistent. That being said, it's important to note that all classes can be modified for any experience level.

For more information about our story and how Alt-B came about, click here.

Our class sequences alternate every 6 weeks. This is intended to give your body the time it needs to adapt before introducing new challenges so that real transformation can take place - physically and mentally. Every new sequence builds on the last.