Alt-B Yoga

The story of Alt B starts with the story of STUDIO B. When I graduated from yoga teacher training, there was no studio in the area that I wanted to teach at. I left YTT feeling extremely disheartened about yoga studios and yoga teachers. My training taught me a lot about the ego, manipulation and abuse of power that was rampant in yoga studios. It was disheartening, but not disenheartened enough to keep me fro sharing what I felt so strongly about: that yoga was a powerful tool for transformation that every single person could benefit from. So i opened my own studio and started sharing. In the beginning, they style of yoga I was taught to teach worked well, but as time went on and the studio b community grew, my style of teaching needed to grow as well. I started looking into various styles, but again felt disenheartened by what I discovered. Nothing I found checked all my boxes. I knew my community so well - I knew what they needed and what they wanted.  I wanted a style of yoga that was consistent, but not so consistent that it got boring. I wanted something that kept the community engaged and excited while still providing consistency and purpose. I have a strong background in strength training and mobility work and wanted a place I could share what I learned from those areas as well. 

I developed Alt B to serve as an alternative to the status quo in yoga. From a physical standpoint, Alt B would be tiered to better accommodate various levels of experience and comfort, it would incorporate not just flexibilty and balance, but strength and moibility too and how all those pieces work together. From an energetic standpoint I wanted something to 

On a character level I wanted to opportunity to create a space where people could actulaly be empowered. Not in a fluffly, say-all-the-cute-phrases kind of way, but in an actual and responsible way. A place with standards and expectations.

Strength - Flexibilty - Balance - Mobility

Clarity & Consistency

Alternating Sequences

Continuing Education for Teachers


Our class sequences alternate every 6 weeks. This is intended to give your body the time it needs to adapt before introducing new challenges so that real transformation can take place - physically and mentally. Every new sequence builds on the last.