Backbends & Heart Openers

Backbends & Heart Openers


Saturday, April 29, 9-11am

Backbends & Heart Openers

There is often resistance to exploring backbends because our bodies have become so adapted
to the sitting culture we live in. Common complaints of tight shoulders and hips along with low
back pain too often prevent students from experiencing the amazing benefits of backbends. Many students are often surprised to discover that backbends are actually front-side body and heart openers. In this workshop, Jen will guide you through developing a safe backbending practice. 

The workshop will feature a blend of very simple, accessible postures for opening the shoulders, chest, hips and hamstrings as well as deeper explorations of backbending postures. This workshop will be a blend of discussion and practice as we cover both an anatomical breakdown of backbending as well as the emotional side of heart opening. Students of all levels should come prepared to open your heart, your mind and your spine to a new world of possibilities!

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