Workshop Weekend with Jen Decurtins

Join Charlotte, NC-based blogger and yoga teacher Jen DeCurtins for a weekend of workshops at STUDIO B POweR YOGA!


About Jen


After completing yoga teacher training in 2011, Jen left a six-year career in marketing and advertising to pursue yoga, fitness and writing full-time and she has never looked back. She is an E-RYT 200, personal trainer, group exercise instructor and runner. Jen shares daily updates about food, fitness, yoga and life on her blog Peanut Butter Runner and she’s the author of two books, Ultimate Plank Fitness and The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions.

A former distance runner, Jen spent several years dabbling in yoga because she knew it was something she “should” be doing to help her running but could never get into it. It wasn’t until she experienced a hot power flow class while faced with yet another running injury that she truly fell in love with the practice. Before she knew it, Jen was spending more time on her mat than on the road running. These days a mix of yoga, running and strength training is keeping her injury-free, happy and motivated.

Jen’s yoga practice of choice is vinyasa flow. She especially enjoys all things backbends, armbalancing and being upside down! She is extremely passionate about empowering her students around their physical and emotional strength and helping them believe in their unlimited power and potential. Jen’s classes feature a strong, challenging flow with uplifting messaging and music. Laughter and tears are not uncommon along with tons of sweat.

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The Studio

STUDIO B POWER YOGA, Harrisburg is conveniently located off of I-81 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike making it convenient to Philadelphia, Baltimore and D.C. The studio is surrounded by hotels, restaurants and shopping. Visiting from out of town? Check back for a visitors guide or contact us for help with your travel arrangements. 

The Itinerary & Class Descriptions


Friday, April 28, 6-8pm | Welcome Flow & Discussion

The workshop weekend will kick off with a 30 minute welcome discussion where Jen will share a little more about her journey through yoga and how the practice changed her life through self-discovery and personal growth. Jen will also review her teaching style and philosophy and then lead students through a one-hour power class designed to open you up for a weekend of growth and learning ahead!

Saturday, April 29, 9-11am | Backbends & Heart Openers

There is often resistance to exploring backbends because our bodies have become so adapted
to the sitting culture we live in. Common complaints of tight shoulders and hips along with low
back pain too often prevent students from experiencing the amazing benefits of backbends. Many students are often surprised to discover that backbends are actually front-side body and heart openers. In this workshop, Jen will guide you through developing a safe backbending practice. 

The workshop will feature a blend of very simple, accessible postures for opening the shoulders, chest, hips and hamstrings as well as deeper explorations of backbending postures. This workshop will be a blend of discussion and practice as we cover both an anatomical breakdown of backbending as well as the emotional side of heart opening. Students of all levels should come prepared to open your heart, your mind and your spine to a new world of possibilities!

Saturday, April 29, 2-4pm | Arm Balances & Inversions

Learn the foundations of arm balancing and inversions in this fun and explorative workshop! Jen will teach you how to take basic yoga poses to a new level by teaching progressions for a variety of arm balances and inversions.

Some of the poses that will be included are crow, side crow, mountain climber, forearm balance, headstands and handstands. The only thing required to attend is the willingness to try crow and headstand and a sense of humor. There will be a lot of sweat and a lot of laughter! Arm balances and inversions are an excellent tool for teaching fearlessness and confidence both on and off the mat!

Jen is the author of The Complete Guide to Yoga Inversions and loves teaching students how to float and fly. This workshop is designed for students of all levels and options will be offered to accommodate beginner to advanced yogis.

Saturday, April 29, 4:30-6pm | Yoga for Runners


While running is a great form of exercise, it can often lead to injury or overuse when not complimented by mobility and strength work. Yoga is a great recovery activity for runners to relieve tightness caused by all the time you spend out on the road. The mindset of many runners is that yoga is “a way to get a good stretch” but in actuality it offers runners so much more. Yoga is a great way to improve not only flexibility but also stability, balance and strength.

Running doesn’t work the body evenly and can often lead to muscle imbalances. Tight ankles, hips, hamstrings and hip flexors combined with weak glutes and a weak core can often lead to both injuries and back pain.

In this workshop you’ll learn how to safely stretch while also working to strengthen weak muscles. 

Jen is a runner who has completed two marathons, over 10 half marathons and countless other road races. She’s an ambassador for the Charlotte Marathon and Newton Running.

Sunday, April 30, 9-10:30am | Master Class

This 90-minute master class will feature the signature power flow style yoga that Jen teaches in her classes at Y2 Yoga in Charlotte with heat and music. After a warm up that will slowly build in intensity and prepare the body for deeper poses, we will explore incorporating the backbends, arm balances and inversions learned on Saturday into the standing flow sequence. Class will end with 20 minutes of deep stretch targeted towards opening hips, hamstrings, quads and shoulders.


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