Yoga for Athletes

High school, collegiate, and professional athletes all over are realizing the overwhelming benefits of yoga. This time-honored discipline combines the physical benefits of improved flexibility, strength, and balance with the mental benefits of clarity, discipline and concentration.

Yoga is not only beneficial, but an essential component to a well-rounded training program.  For in-season athletes, yoga can “awaken” muscles that are not in the normal rotation.  By waking up underused muscles throughout the body, yoga provides an extra boost of power by strengthening these muscle groups.  This conditioning improves speed, agility, form and balance allowing athletes to take advantage of their whole-body strength.  Other significant physical benefits are enhanced mobility, circulation, cardiac benefits, injury reduction, and improved recovery times.  

It is the mental implications of yoga, though, that is the “game-changer".  At Studio B it is our goal to teach athletes how to use yoga as a tool to gain mental clarity, improve focus and increase mind-body awareness. This type of mindfulness allows for union between body, mind and breath.  Yoga’s attention to concentration and breath awareness improves mental focus and mental endurance. We want our athletes to learn to tune out distractions, breath through uncomfortable situations, focus on the task at hand, and overcome diversities. This type of focus also improves mind-body awareness which is essential for noticing imbalances and weaknesses that can potentially lead to injury.

Team Packages:

Team packages are available for on or offsite instruction.  Each case is one hour long and requires 7 or more participants from your team. We recommend starting with at lease 6 classes, but are available to design a program tailored specific to your teams needs and goals.

6 classes = $300

10 classes = $400

*Team package requires 7 or more participants

Individual Packages

Local athletes are invited to attend regularly scheduled classes at Studio B for a discounted rate of $7 per class or 10 classes for $50.  This applies to high-school, collegiate, and professional level athletes as well as Cross Fit Competitors.

*excludes Sunday 9:15am class

Private Lessons

Athletes interested in one-on-one training will receive %50 off of regular-priced private session packages:

One Session = $40

Five Sessions = $175

Ten Sessions = $300