Offering premiere yoga teacher training, barre teacher training, and continuing education opportunities for Registered Yoga Teachers and other health and fitness professionals. STUDIO B UNIVERSITY (SBU) shares the same core values as STUDIO B POWER YOGA: Connection, collaboration, purpose, possibility, play. 



Raise your hand if you are ready to take the next step in your yoga journey and your life? Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) isn't just for those interested in becoming certified instructors. This training is for anyone committed to personal growth and showing up  bigger for themselves and their community.


Program Overview

STUDIO B UNIVERSITY is a Registered Yoga School (RYS) with the Yoga Alliance. Our 200 Hour Program takes place over a six month period and includes six weekends of dynamic learning at our Hershey facility. Weekends include instruction on anatomy and philosophy, deep inquiry about yourself and your purpose, collaborative group activities and discussion, attending various workshops, practice teaching/assisting, and of course, practicing yoga. During the weeks in between, students are asked to complete various assignments including reading, small group work, attending and observing classes, and meeting with their assigned mentors. Like our classes, our Teacher Training is challenging, but fun and will leave you feeling energized and empowered. Our mission is to create not only yoga teachers, but leaders who can share the wisdom of yoga inside and outside of the yoga studio.

The Curriculum

Throughout this 200-hour course, trainees will learn the fundamental principles of vinyasa yoga and how to teach this popular form of yoga in a purposeful, creative and authentic way. Learning to teach the physical postures, however, is just the beginning. Here is breakdown of everything we will cover:

  • In the physical realm the focus will be on anatomy, the principles of alignment, how to keep your body safe and healthy, vinyasa pacing, proper sequencing, assisting techniques and an introduction into Ayurveda (the science of healthy living).
  • In the energetic/emotional realm we will explore pranayama (breath control), the chakras (energy centers), body awareness, how to read bodies, how to theme a class and speak from your authentic voice. 
  • In the mental realm we will explore powerful techniques to practice and teach meditation and mindfulness.
  • In the deepest spiritual realm we will explore the ancient teachings of yoga philosophy and how to use this information to tap into your purpose and create a vision for carrying out that purpose. We will teach you to take your yoga off of the mat and into every aspect of your life.

There are no prerequisites for the training except for the desire to deepen your practice and a commitment to personal growth.

The Teachers

Our 2018-2019 200 Hour Teacher Training will be lead by STUDIO B POWER YOGA founder and teacher Brittany Holtz. Brittany is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher (ERYT) and has led 4 previous teacher trainings. She is excited to introduce a new, more collaborative style of teacher training this year. Brittany has invited some of her favorite teachers from around the country to contribute to the training. These teachers will share their uniques styles of teaching and expertise, offering a diverse perspective for teacher trainees to learn from. Click here to read about all of the contributors.


The Dates & Times (2018-2019 Training)

Training Hours:

Friday's, 5-9pm

Saturday's 8am-5pm

Sunday's 8am-4pm

2018 Dates:

October 5, 6, 7

October 26, 27, 28

November 16, 17, 18

December 7, 8, 9

2019 Dates

January 4, 5, 6

February 8, 9, 10

February 22, 23, 24

March 8, 9, 10



We have attempted to create a program that would fit into everyone’s schedule. If there are training times that conflict with an import event in your life or if you have any other questions regarding the training please call Brittany at 717.991.3921



Total Cost of Training: $3,500*

When you sign up before August 15, you'll receive $500 off!

$500 non-refundable Deposit Due upon acceptance into the program.

Payment Plans Available

*For the duration of the training, all of your classes and workshops are included in the cost of training

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Please complete the application in its entirety. After the form is submitted and reviewed, someone from our team will reach out with next steps.

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25 Hour Barre Teacher Training



Barre & Pilates fusion Teacher training

Barre is a high intensity, low impact class that combines elements of pilates, ballet, and yoga for a full body workout. Smaller muscle groups are targeted with high repetitions to tone arms, legs, seat, and abs. Throughout the class you will use light hand weights, resistance bands, mini balls, and of course a barre to build lean muscle. Each class is choreographed to an upbeat playlist to carry you through this focused workout. In addition to sculpting the body, you will build flexibility and increase awareness of proper alignment.

program overview

Our Barre Teacher Training is 25 hours total and includes both in class and practical training. Classroom instruction focuses on anatomy, sequencing, assisting and practice teaching. Additional hours required include practice teaching and observation.

dates& Times

February 15, 16, 17 @ Harrisburg Studio


Total Cost of Training: $499

$100 non-refundable Deposit Due upon acceptance into the program. Final payment due by first date of your training weekend.

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continuing education opportunities

Our goal at STUDIO B UNIVERSITY is to create a hub for learning and continuing education in yoga, barre and fitness right here in Central PA. We have teamed up with the best of our area in addition to popular instructors from around the country to provide workshops, trainings and continuing education opportunities for yoga, barre and fitness instructors.


upcoming continuing education opportunities


Mindful Yoga for Anxiety Teacher Training

Saturday, July 21, 10am - 6pm @ Yoga on Chocolate

This workshop introduces yoga teachers in ways they can help students control their anxiety using these areas:

Meditation – Learning different types of meditation – and find the one best suited for the student – to help calm the mind, get restful sleep, and relax the body.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT/Tapping) – Founded by Gary Craig, EFT is a version of acupuncture, without needles. Daily practice of this technique teaches students to incorporate into their lives.

Breath – Using different breathing techniques can help lower the students’ anxiety and also help the entire body to calm down, sleep, and overall wellness.

Yoga Poses – Our program focuses on specific Yoga Poses that help relax the sympathetic nervous system. These yoga poses are for beginners and people who are new to yoga.

Journaling – Writing to understand what triggers the anxieties and how to deal with them on a holistic manner.

Group Discussion – Being in community, sharing experiences and providing support for others with the same struggle.

Yoga Teachers will receive 7 hours of CE through Yoga Alliance.

Open: Yoga Teachers, Yoga Teacher Trainees, Teachers, Counselors, Teachers Aides, and Parents

Cost: $200.00 | Click Here to Register


Yoga for Athletes Teacher Training

January 11-13 @ studio b harrisburg

Lizzy has experience teaching some of Miami's elite athletic teams and has been featured in StayFit305 on yoga for NFL athletes. Fusing experience, knowledge, and the partnered research studies of University of Miami and greenmonkey yoga, Lizzy has created an optimal program specified to the needs of each athletic team.

The Yoga for Athletes program combines alignment, breath work and functional mobility to restore and inhibit injuries while integrating to each team’s current strength and conditioning programs. 

Lizzy has worked with various sports teams inlcuding various high school teams, the University of Miami, Florida International University,  athletes from the Miami Dolphins, Cleveland Browns, 2016 Olympics, and San Diego Chargers.

During our weekend together, Lizzy will cover 12 sports total and leave you with specific sequencing for various sports. 

Registration will be available soon!